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Imagine if you will… a universe, light years away from our own, where many beings from the games you know and love, live. In that universe reside many planets, all of which are the game companies we know in our world. Three of these planets are in an ongoing cold war, competing to be the greatest superpower. These worlds are powered by an incredible technology known as Consoles. Consoles are the core of their worlds, and are what power them. These magnificent creations are given to the rest of the planets, so that they can have their own power sources and they can support the super powers.

One of the competing superpowers is known as Microsoft.  This planet values technology, as the citizens use it in their everyday lives. Their leader, Lord Microsoft, is an often greedy money grabbing businessman, with a bumbling henchman known as Mr. Gates. Their chief of defense, or their "Gamecop" as they are known as in this universe, is the Master Chief. This fierce soldier is known for leading Microsoft's army into wars and winning. Microsoft had recently joined in the great cold war. Their current technology is known as the X-Box 360.

Another superpower participating in the war is Sony. This world, unlike the other planets in the galaxy, appears to be man-made. For rather than having an ordinary round shape, it appears for be in a flattened oval shape with two domes at the North Pole and the South Pole. These two domes contain the only vegetation on this world. The rest is filled with sky-scrapers and cities. The leader of this planet is known as Lord Sony. Not much is known about this leader. Some citizens of this world believe that Lord Sony is actually a machine, as is the rest of this world, others say that he is a man whom would rather not show his face. Other rumors describe the world leader as a hybrid of both man and machine.  This world has the most Gamecops out of all the planets,  all spread across the districts of the city that literally cover the planet of Sony. Currently, this world is in a depression due to the creation of the latest Playstation 3 model that powers the endless city.

Last but not least, is the world of Nintendo. Out of all the competitors in this war, Nintendo has survived the longest out of the many that stepped in and stepped out of the war. This planet is a world consisting of water and vegetation, not too different from our world Earth. The leader of Nintendo is a legendary hero known as Super Mario. Mario is a jolly and friendly leader, who went on an adventure to save the Video Game universe from falling into nothingness, by creating a super powerful technology called the NES. Since then, the workers of Nintendo have been hard at work to find new ways to innovate technology. Their current technology, known as Wii, works with touch sensitive and motion control. For example cars can be driven just with the wave of your hand. This world's Gamecops are very… well, unique. Kirby, a child hero who was to young to get the respect he deserved, applied for the job. Later, he ended up calling some friends and even made some new ones, whom were also disrespected and forgotten. Together they formed a defense group.

These Gamecops are the heroes in this tale. This is a tale of how these odd heroes met the greatest threat to the galaxy. This threat consisted of beings who lacked emotion or remorse. Their goal was to end the war, and to create a world where their kind could roam freely. Although their intentions seemed to be innocent enough, they were far from. In order for their world to be finally created, the remaining worlds had to be destroyed. This is the story of Nintendo's Gamecops, and their biggest adventure and deadliest threat ever to face them.


An ominous white castle floated over a dark city. Unlike most cities, where you would find life bustling about, this city was abandoned. Not a soul, not a breath, not even a heartbeat could be heard. The harrowing sound of the wind and the cacophony of the blaring thunder was the only thing heard throughout the city.

The only traces of life that lived in this world could only be found in a white towering castle that floated over the city. Behind that castle was an incredible heart shaped moon, providing the only light in the city besides the flickering lights of the buildings.  One look at this incredible sight could send an icy chill down anyone's spine. The inhabitants in this incredible floating structure were a force to be reckoned with; a force that have been plotting for a very long time. And now, their hopes of creating one world for their own would be fulfilled.

In the castle, there was a group in a rounded room, wearing black cloaks. The Black Cloaked figures were only encounters reported by the citizens of the planets, but there was no proof of their existence… therefore, the Gamecops and Lords could not do anything about these bizarre encounters. This left many to speculate as to who the black cloaks really were. These people were humanoid beings called Nobodies, and this group was called Organization XIII.

The twelve of the thirteen members Organization sat in a rounded room on throne-like chairs, reserved for the member's ranking. On the highest chair in the room, black shadowy smoke had filled the chair, and another dark cloak appeared on the seat.

"Organization, our future is upon us." The figure, who sounded as if he was the leader, spoke, "Our plan shall soon be carried out. As we obtain more power from the planets, we have more power to rid of the worlds once and for all."

"Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo… All are unaware of us, for we do not exist. Our non existence is what makes us Nobodies.   Once our ultimate plan is carried out, then the planets, including the superpowers, will all cease to exist as well.   They too will become nobodies; creatures with no hearts, no emotion… no soul."
The head figure looked down the other cloaks around him from his throne. "I have seen our future… the time of change has begun."
The head figure clenched a fist, though the leader's face remained emotionless.
"The time of Organization XIII's rise is now."
The first Chapter of the Gamecops Vs. Organization XIII is here! it's been a fan fiction Idea I've had for quite a while. What is it? Mash-up crossover starring Kirby(Kirby Series,) Mighty, (Long lost Sonic the Hedgehog character,) Pikachu, (Pokemon series,) Starfy,(Legend of Starfy Series,) and Marina. (One shot N64 game Mischief Makers.) Together they formed a team known as the Gamecop

Yea, I had this Idea in my head for quite some time, so a couple months ago, when I pre ordered Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days I decided, What the heck, I'll do it!

I've stalled long enough, I hope you enjoyed it!

Oh and thanks to :iconfanaticman: for editing the story!

Next: [link]
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